[A6A6I4] ====>

JADE: when you said you were a monster...
JADE: what did you mean?
JADE: were you just being hard on yourself...
JADE: or did you mean that literally?
CALLIOPE: i was being rather literal aboUt my trUe appearance.
JADE: i see
JADE: and your brother looks the same way too i take it?
CALLIOPE: we look identical, thoUgh he was sUrely more a monster than i.
CALLIOPE: he still is.
JADE: was this his tooth?
CALLIOPE: it was once mine as well, bUt that is a topic which woUld reqUire some elaboration.
CALLIOPE: to tell yoU the trUth, i woUld rather not talk aboUt my brother. or anything from my past, really.
CALLIOPE: dwelling on it for long makes me feel very anxioUs.
JADE: thats ok, we dont have to talk about it
JADE: its just
JADE: seeing this tooth
JADE: and listening to your voice...
JADE: i think im finally starting to remember something
CALLIOPE: what do yoU remember?
JADE: i remember
JADE: you!

> [A6A6I4] ====>