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JADE: as i said, she was somewhat like you, and yet so unalike
JADE: her presence was so serious and grave
JADE: her hollow eyes were piercing... but not hostile
JADE: but the prevailing sense i got from her was one of loneliness
JADE: before she even said a word, i could feel it somehow, that this was a deeply lonely soul
JADE: until i met her, i thought i was the loneliest person in the universe
JADE: but a feeling told me she had been here by herself for a long long time
JADE: i felt sorry for her
JADE: and relating to her plight helped me overcome the feelings of intimidation
JADE: so we began to talk
JADE: we traded stories about ourselves
JADE: she spoke of the brother she killed
JADE: i spoke of the brother i lost
JADE: and when i mentioned johns death
JADE: that is when she became very serious again
JADE: she began to recount how john had died, repeating to me the same story i just told you
JADE: she described the spontaneous destruction of lowas which left me alone for years
JADE: i wondered why she was recounting this tragedy that happened to me, and for that matter how she knew of it herself
JADE: she went on to say that lowas was destroyed because johns denizen had suddenly woken up
JADE: typheus, a great monster of truly terrifying power
JADE: she said he had destroyed his land and slayed his own heir of breath not out of malice, but to make a slight correction
JADE: i asked her...
JADE: what do you mean, "correction"?

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