[A6A6I4] ====>

CALLIOPE: there yoU go.
CALLIOPE: one hero.
CALLIOPE: sans sUrreal obstacles!
JADE: :)
JADE: when she mentioned that i didnt give it a second thought
JADE: but now that i am trying to reconstruct everything and tell you what to draw...
JADE: hmm
JADE: i guess when youre trying to tell a story it forces you to think a lot more about everything than when youre just listening to one
CALLIOPE: tis qUite trUe.
CALLIOPE: perhaps yoU shoUld start writing?
CALLIOPE: how did she begin?
JADE: let me think...
JADE: hmm, maybe we should pause before i go on?
JADE: like
JADE: some sort of intermission
JADE: so i can collect my thoughts a bit, and to give the audience a little breather between two significant arcs
JADE: we were at it for a pretty good while there, after all
CALLIOPE: what... aUdience?
JADE: well, that would be you in this case
JADE: ooh i know!
JADE: i can doodle a quick story about the antics of the silly consorts on the golden ship before moving on

> [A6A6I4] ====>