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JOHN: i'm glad it worked out like this.
JOHN: i was fully prepared to do this alone... to hop around and change things in whatever way.
JOHN: and i would get to see my friends again, even if they don't remember all the same stuff i do.
JOHN: which was a lonely feeling, if that makes sense?
JOHN: but now i'll have someone else to remember the way things originally went.
ROXY: word
JOHN: yes. word indeed.
ROXY: but i know what you mean
ROXY: its nice to have uh
ROXY: like a witness i guess?
ROXY: someone to authenticate the rough shit u went through
ROXY: even if we never end up talkin about it again
ROXY: the fact that at least SOMEONE else knows
ROXY: makes it feel like it didnt all mean
ROXY: nothing?
JOHN: right.
ROXY: because even if it all gets erased and put back all better
ROXY: i dont think the stuff we went through and the feelings we had meant nothing
ROXY: imo the feelings themselves
ROXY: and the way they shaped us
ROXY: that all means...
ROXY: somethin
JOHN: ...
ROXY: hahaha forget it
ROXY: talkin out my ass here
JOHN: no, it makes sense.
JOHN: and anyway, if nothing else, everything that happened brought us here.
JOHN: the stuff we're about to do, whatever it is, wouldn't be possible otherwise.
JOHN: and that feels pretty important, if you ask me!

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