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ROXY: why is the sky blank btw
JOHN: it's blank because it's...
JOHN: nothing.
ROXY: nothing
ROXY: why is it nothing
ROXY: where even are we
JOHN: it's nothing because we are literally nowhere.
ROXY: uh
ROXY: ok how can you tell its actually a field of nothingness
ROXY: as opposed to just a bunch of regular empty space that happens to look vaguely neutral
JOHN: how can i tell?
JOHN: i guess i just can.
ROXY: no but how
JOHN: why don't you ask yourself!
JOHN: you're the one who asked me why it was blank in the first place.
JOHN: so why did you choose the term "blank" in your question?
ROXY: .....
ROXY: owned @ the philosophies
JOHN: so owned.
JOHN: you will find i am the best there is at those.

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