[A6A6I4] ====>

JOHN: hmm, it just occurred to me...
JOHN: aside from fixing the time line, there's another benefit to my new power.
JOHN: once we all decide we're ready to fight him, i can just zap us all right to him.
JOHN: we could take him by surprise again.
JOHN: i really doubt he'd be able to handle us if we all clobbered him at once!
ROXY: thats pretty good thinkin
ROXY: but um
ROXY: maybe were getting ahead of ourselves here
ROXY: makin plans 4 rumble royale with mangaka dudebro, lord of the shitwanks
ROXY: we should probably focus on bringing our loved ones back to life first
JOHN: ...

> [A6A6I4] ====>