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JOHN: i was so confused when that happened.
JOHN: i was sure the other me knew so much more than i did at the time.
JOHN: which is kind of true... but also kind of not?
JOHN: like, if i traveled back here, and altered reality in a non time travely way, then why do i remember doing it?
JOHN: did i just make some sort of stable retcon loop?
JOHN: does that even make sense??
JOHN: i think i did the right thing though, zapping my other self out of there.
JOHN: it was like... a retroactively preemptive continuity adjustment.
JOHN: ...
JOHN: retroactively preemptive???
JOHN: what am i even talking about.
JOHN: this power is kind of complicated...
JOHN: i need to be more careful.

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