[A6A6I4] ====>

VRISKA: Ok, I can 8uy that there's no such place as the Dark Carnival, and TOTALLY get 8ehind slamming the 8eliefs of people I dislike.
VRISKA: 8ut really...
VRISKA: Whose memory do you think this place is from?
MEENAH: fishska
MEENAH: how long you been dead now
VRISKA: I don't remem8er, to 8e honest.
MEENAH: but you still ask questions like that
MEENAH: whose brain this from, where that noise originate...
VRISKA: I'm just curious!
VRISKA: This is such an odd thing to encounter.
VRISKA: Who experienced this? Some alt-alt-alt version of Karkat's lame ancestor?
VRISKA: A chess creature from a distant unrel8ted session, after its post-reckoning getaway, who then repopul8ted a dead planet, and started 8uilding amusement parks??
VRISKA: I just tend to wonder things. It's in my n8ture.
MEENAH: it could be anything
MEENAH: could even be a random patchwork of fifty different memories all contributin to nofin that ever existed in particular
MEENAH: who cares where they from
VRISKA: I guess now that you mention it, I don't actually.
VRISKA: At all.
VRISKA: May8e I was just making convers8tion????????
VRISKA: Sometimes I just want to shoot the 8reeze with you!
MEENAH: yer cute
VRISKA: Yeah, yeah.
VRISKA: So I've heard. ::::P

> [A6A6I4] ====>