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MEENAH: why dont you get one
MEENAH: if you think gettin inked up sound so chill then how boat you first
VRISKA: 8ut........
VRISKA: I don't like tattoos!
MEENAH: why not
VRISKA: 8ecause........
VRISKA: I don't know actually.
VRISKA: It's just an opinion I remem8er feeling strongly a8out at one point.
MEENAH: well
MEENAH: do you still
VRISKA: I guess?
VRISKA: I just remem8er having some trumped up opinion a8out like, how they looked 8ad, or were a8out "trying too hard", or...
VRISKA: I don't even know really.
VRISKA: Like ruining your 8ody with some lame thing you'll regret some day.
MEENAH: you dont even have a body
VRISKA: I know!
VRISKA: Well, I do. I mean, WE do, just not...
VRISKA: Not in the same way that felt so direly important, during our 8rief and em8arrassing stints with mortality.
VRISKA: I guess now that I think a8out it, it doesn't feel like as 8ig a deal anymore, and may8e it was just a totally stupid opinion to 8egin with?
MEENAH: im down with that conchlusion
MEENAH: whatll it be then
VRISKA: You mean, whether I should get one?
MEENAH: no if you want to buy a whale
MEENAH: yes do you want a sweet tat or no
VRISKA: I don't know!
VRISKA: What would I even get!
MEENAH: def somefin nautical
VRISKA: Nautical, eh?
VRISKA: Well there's a shocking suggestion, if I ever heard one.
MEENAH: yes it is a curve ball i know
MEENAH: but i like keepin suckas on they toes
VRISKA: It's not a 8ad suggestion, actually, even if it quite literally is the only one you're capa8le of at any given moment.
VRISKA: I do genuinely love pir8te stuff.
VRISKA: Ok! You talked me into it!
VRISKA: I'm going to do it. I'm excited.
MEENAH: omg yay!!!

> [A6A6I4] ====>