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(JOHN): what is going on here?
(JOHN): should i, uh...
(JOHN): should i go?
JOHN: yes, me.
JOHN: i mean, yes john.
JOHN: wow, it's kind of weird talking to myself.
JOHN: i'm not sure if i'm a very big fan of the experience?
(JOHN): tell me about it!
JOHN: but yeah, you should get going.
JOHN: terezi's experiment worked.
JOHN: you'll find out all about it later.
(JOHN): i will?
JOHN: actually, i'm not sure?
JOHN: now that i changed how things happened for you, you might not get the idea to come back here like i did?
JOHN: which i guess makes this situation a true paradox, unlike all those lame stable time loops dave makes.
(JOHN): so, what does that actually mean for me?
(JOHN): what am i supposed to do now?
JOHN: i don't know what it means.
JOHN: unfortunately, you may not be relevant anymore.
JOHN: i'm the john who is learning to use his flashy powers to reconstruct the time line, so that responsibility is on my shoulders now, not yours.
JOHN: sorry, i am just keeping it real!
(JOHN): ...
JOHN: well, who really knows how it will turn out.
JOHN: maybe you will still have important things to do?
JOHN: i don't have all the answers, i just know terezi and i have to talk now, so you should go.
(JOHN): where?
JOHN: where you were about to go anyway!
JOHN: go see typheus, and do the quest thing.
JOHN: it worked out great. well, for me at least.
(JOHN): ok, i will.
(JOHN): i do hope i get to still be relevant, but i will understand if that turns out not to be the case.
JOHN: that's the spirit!

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