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JOHN: yeah, i know what you mean.
JOHN: when i try to think of what to fix...
JOHN: all i can do is look back on what i did wrong.
JOHN: i never should have let that ring out of my sight.
JOHN: going back and getting the ring is the first thing we should do, right?
JOHN: i guess that one is kind of a no brainer.
JOHN: besides, i promised roxy i'd get it.
JOHN: i kind of blew it last time i told her i'd get it.
JOHN: so maybe i shouldn't mess that up again, heh.
JOHN: what do you think, terezi?
JOHN: but other than that, the sky is the limit.
JOHN: really, what do we do?
JOHN: do i go back to when we were just starting to play the game, and give us some advantages?
JOHN: but then, messing up our session causes this whole chain reaction...
JOHN: we never would have met the trolls, or had any reason to scratch the session...
JOHN: and if we didn't scratch the session, there never would have been an alternate reality where roxy and her pals got to play, thereby meeting us...
JOHN: when you start looking back and realizing how interrelated everything is, it starts feeling like an overwhelming job to fix it.
JOHN: on the one hand, you don't want to change so much that the reality you create is barely recognizable.
JOHN: you want to keep everything as similar as possible, so you get to keep all the lessons you learned and the important experiences you had with your friends.
JOHN: but on the other hand...
JOHN: if you aren't going to change something substantial enough to make a real difference, why bother at all?
JOHN: it's like, go big or go home, you know?
JOHN: sort of a catch 22 when you think about it.
JOHN: is any of this making sense?
JOHN: terezi?
JOHN: terezi!!
JOHN: were you listening to a word i said?

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