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JANE: Forgive me, I don't recall your telling me you were named Callie.
JANE: Come to think of it, I hardly remember anything at all.
JANE: Not even how I got here.
CALLIOPE: i woUld not fret over it. yoUr memory shoUld begin to retUrn in dUe time.
CALLIOPE: jade here has been remembering all sorts of things, as we record her memories in oUr storybook.
JADE: hi jane!
JANE: Hello, there.
CALLIOPE: why don't yoU join Us?
CALLIOPE: i'm sUre yoU will have mUch to add to oUr story.
JANE: I'd love to.
JANE: I feel as though I could use a rest.
JANE: I'm quite exhausted for some reason. I must have been walking along that yellow path for longer than I can remember.
JADE: heheh. i said the same thing when i got here too
CALLIOPE: tis trUe.
JANE: Um, pardon me, though,
JANE: I also cannot recall for the life of me whether you mentioned your friend to me.
JANE: Or that you were both trolls...
CALLIOPE: ah, bUt we are not trolls!
JADE: nope :B
CALLIOPE: these are oUr trollsonas.
JANE: Trollsonas, you say?
JADE: callie helped me make mine
JADE: arent we adorable?
JANE: You truly are.

> [A6A6I4] ====>