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CALLIOPE: what else do yoU remember, jane?
CALLIOPE: the more yoU tell Us, the closer we may come to jogging yoUr and jade's memory of how yoU died.
CALLIOPE: not to mention, the closer we will get to completing this lovely illUstrated story. :u
JANE: Hrm.
JANE: My recollection continues to be so darn hazy.
JANE: Is there anything from my session that you can remember, Callie?
CALLIOPE: UnfortUnately from my perspective, most of it was blacked oUt.
CALLIOPE: everything else i know, i have learned from ancient joUrnals, whose veracity i have come to regard as...
CALLIOPE: yoU two are the only primary soUrces i have left to reconstrUct the tale. if only yoU can keep jogging yoUr memories!
JANE: I see.
JANE: Well, I do recall quite a bit more from our stint as tricksters.
JANE: For some reason all those memories are still quite vivid.
JANE: I suppose I could recount more of that drunken tomfoolery and extend our trickster chapter.
CALLIOPE: oh, yes!!! i woUld absolUtely adore hearing more aboUt yoUr trickster adventUres.
CALLIOPE: it pleases me to no end hearing that yoU experienced sUch joyfUl escapades as a resUlt of the birthday present i gave yoU! :U
JANE: Um. Yes!
JANE: Joyful.
JANE: That's what they were. So joyful.
JANE: What a present! You are a true sweetheart, Callie.
JANE: So, where was I?
JANE: Ah yes. Dirk had just acquiesced to the siren's song of the trickster.
JANE: When all the rainbow magic and sparkle dust had subsided, there he stood, as stoic and rigid as ever.
JANE: He was like a plank of wood in orange trousers and suspenders. A bronze statue in a silly pair of wrist warmers. A stone-faced automaton with a shock of vermilion hair, in which comfortably nestled what appeared to be an orange soft drink.
JANE: The juju's potent spell seemed only to strengthen his resolve in betraying no emotion whatsoever.
JANE: But would his curmudgeonly facade prove a deterrent to Roxy's lascivious wiles? Methinks not!
JANE: She advanced upon him with her magic ring, seeking his hand in quadruple betrothal.
JANE: Her lips puckered and quivered, like an amorous cephalopod skulking the briny ocean depths for a handsome mate.
JADE: guys i think weve heard enough about the trickster stuff :|
CALLIOPE: (shoot!)

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