[A6A6I4] ====>

JADE: jane, dont you remember when we turned into bad guys?
JANE: Bad guys?
JADE: yeah...
JADE: i turned into an evil werewolf for a while
JADE: and you i think were some kind of cyborg
JANE: Yes, that does sound very familiar.
JANE: Can you tell me anything else to nudge my recollection?
JADE: ummmmm
JADE: you had a pitchfork thingy and your outfit was bright red
JANE: Yes, of course!
JANE: I do remember that now.
JANE: Oh dear. I really was behaving horribly, wasn't I?
JADE: yeah, we both were
JADE: it feels like it was all a bad dream
JADE: im glad its over now, even if it means were probably dead
JANE: Mm-hm.
JANE: It's coming back to me now...
JANE: Gosh, how embarrassing it is to recall my actions.
JANE: They somehow manage to trump my indiscretions as a trickster.
JANE: The things I said to Jake!!!
JADE: :o
JADE: what did you say?
JANE: I can't even bring myself to talk about it.
JANE: You're right, Jade. We probably are better off dead than having to face the music for our shameful deeds.
CALLIOPE: i do not wish to pry into matters that make yoU Uncomfortable...
CALLIOPE: bUt can yoU at least recall the circUmstances which were likely to have resUlted in yoUr deaths?
JANE: Yes, I believe I can.
JANE: Remembering my encounter with Jake in his prison cell has reminded me of a crisis that followed shortly thereafter.
JANE: It caught us all quite by surprise, if I recall, even the Condesce.
JANE: I believe there were unanticipated factors which even she was unable to account for.
CALLIOPE: can yoU recall the natUre of this crisis?
CALLIOPE: jade and i will do oUr best to record it!
JANE: Yes, hold on.
JANE: Allow me a moment to get back into my storytelling voice.
JANE: ...
JADE: ...
JANE: Ahem.

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