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JANE: The crafty witch made sure I would be the brains of the operation.
JANE: She saw to it her heiress had a super computer wrapped around her noggin years in advance.
JANE: A state of the art Thoughtwave Tiaratop, for the up and coming junior battermaster on the go -- with the factory default set to EVIL!
JANE: But if I was the brains of the outfit, Jade was the uncontested brawn.
JANE: Within two shakes of a dog's tail, she kicked Dirk to the curb of the incipisphere.
JANE: Then in one fell swoop, she and I pinched Roxy and Jake respectively, and hauled them right off to the slammer for interrogation.
JANE: The slammer, as we all know, is how one describes the penal system when feeling extra angry at crimes.
JANE: Their crime, you ask? It was being on the wrong side of the law.
JANE: And by wrong, I mean right.
CALLIOPE: jane, slow down! this is all solid gold.

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