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JANE: They struck at just the right moment, while the Witch was out searching for them. They had established a series of clever decoys to lure her away.
JANE: Their assault on the Derse prison was furious, with only myself and a few agents on hand to fend them off.
JANE: Their aim was to free Jake and Roxy, and I can only presume, me as well from my corrupted state.
JANE: But I was not about to go down easy. Oh no.
JANE: The melee was fierce, and alas...
JANE: Not without casualty. :(
CALLIOPE: what happened, jane?
CALLIOPE: was someone slain? other than yoU and jade?
JANE: I'm sorry. The memory is coming back to me.
JANE: It is difficult to talk about, let alone present it with a flourish a good story deserves.
JADE: well forget about the story for a second
JADE: just tell us with regular words... i mean if you want to
JANE: No, it's ok.
JANE: I shall persevere.
JANE: Our tale must go on.

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