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JANE: I knew that I was her only hope for resurrection.
JANE: Perhaps my cybernetic intelligence was not as flawless as I believed.
JANE: In my haste to revive her, I neglected to let them know I was the only chance she had.
JANE: If they understood the nature of my powers, they may have tempered their aggression.
JANE: And if I wasn't so hurried to use those powers, I may not have let my guard down.
JANE: Alas, I did let my guard down, and with it, my queen.
JANE: But more importantly, my friend, who surely stayed dead.
JANE: Poor Roxy.
CALLIOPE: do yoU sUppose we shoUld be expecting her ghost to join Us too?
CALLIOPE: thoUgh i admit, part of me feels gUilty hoping she will join Us in death. u_u
JANE: I do not know.
JANE: But guilt notwithstanding, I truly hope to see her again.
JANE: Killing a dear friend while in a compromised state of mind... it's frightening to imagine having to "live" with that for eternity.
JANE: I'd be miserable if I never had the opportunity to make amends.
JADE: its sad she died, but then, isnt it kinda sad we all died?
JADE: personally im really hoping she shows up!
JADE: jane why dont you prepare a trollsona for her as a gesture of reconciliation?
JADE: its the least you can do :B
JANE: Why, yes.
JANE: I do believe I can make that sacrifice for the good of our friendship.

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