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DAVE: is it time yet
DAVE: oh
DAVE: how about now
VRISKA: No!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: Dave, we've 8een w8ing for three years.
VRISKA: Three years is a pretty long time. Long enough for me to have picked up the ha8it of calling them years instead of the far more sensi8le unit of measurement, sweeps.
VRISKA: I think you should 8e a8le to survive just a little longer.
DAVE: i still dont understand whats supposed to happen
DAVE: hes just supposed to like
DAVE: appear?
VRISKA: That's my understanding, yes.
DAVE: you mean
DAVE: here
DAVE: on this frog circle thing
VRISKA: I don't know!
VRISKA: Somewhere in this session. At which point, if he has any 8rain at all, he'll seek us out.
DAVE: so jade came on a gold ship through a tiny window apparently
DAVE: but john wasnt on it??
VRISKA: Well, his corpse was, somewhere.
VRISKA: 8ut that John doesn't matter anymore.
VRISKA: Kind of like how there was a 8ird version of you out there, now presumed dead, who also didn't matter.
VRISKA: The "real" John and the other Lalonde girl will spontaneously appear from a different reality.
VRISKA: I determined a lot of this through my time travel reconaissance work upon arriving in this session.
VRISKA: Sorry to steal all the timey thunder from the gr8 "Knight of Time", end quote, 8ut someone had to take the initi8tive and go on a fact-finding mission.
DAVE: no its cool
DAVE: you can have that thunder if you want it
ROSE: When exactly is this supposed to happen?
ROSE: And she's...
ROSE: Unhurt?
ROSE: Will she remember our brief encounter?
VRISKA: This is a totally different Lalonde girl. Things went differently for her, so she'll have different memories.
VRISKA: I have no idea if you and she interacted at all in her timeline.
VRISKA: I don't know the full extent of John's alt-reality experiences either. 8ut apparently things went raw for them in a8out as many ways as you can imagine.
VRISKA: Presuma8ly 8ecause I wasn't around to keep everyone's shit in order.

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