[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: Gr8! It's settled, I'm the leader.
VRISKA: I gladly accept the 8aton you are going to such lengths to pass to me, Karkat. Honored in fact.
VRISKA: Not everyone is nearly as passion8 a8out la8els or ranks as you. In fact, I'm pretty whatever a8out the distinction. 8ut your melodramatic endorsement of my a8ilities is appreci8ted.
KANAYA: Excuse Me
KANAYA: Miss Leader
VRISKA: Hmmm????
KANAYA: Not That It Would Ever Occur To Me To Cast The Slightest Doubt On Your Strategic Expertise
KANAYA: But I Was Wondering When You Were Planning On Getting To The Actual Strategy Part Of This Meeting
VRISKA: Glad you asked, Maryam!
VRISKA: Way to keep the meeting on point. Remind me to give you a promotion.
KANAYA: A Promotion To What
VRISKA: Nothing. No8ody's getting a promotion, it was a joke.
VRISKA: The answer is very soon!
VRISKA: As soon as Eg8ert and Lalonde get here.
VRISKA: Which should 8e...
VRISKA: Riiiiiiiight a8out...
VRISKA: Riiiight a8out........

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