[A6A6I5] ====>

JOHN: rose!
ROSE: Hi, John.
JOHN: hi!!!
JOHN: nice to see you, alive and well again.
JOHN: not to mention in the correct time line!
ROSE: Yes, you did it.
ROSE: I'm still a bit unclear on exactly what it was you did, but whatever it was, you sure did the hell out of it.
JOHN: yeah!!!!!
ROSE: Thank you for returning with my m-
ROSE: My, um.
ROSE: My Roxy.
ROXY: :D :D :D :D :D
ROSE: Thank you for returning with my Roxy, is obviously the remark I meant to say, and is the statement of a reasonable person.
JOHN: of course!
JOHN: really, it is so good to see you.
JOHN: i'd give you a hello hug, but you seem kinda tied up at the moment.
JOHN: oh my gosh, how cute.

> [A6A6I5] ====>