[A6A6I5] ====>

JOHN: hey dave...
JOHN: why is jade asleep?
JOHN: and also teen nanna.
JOHN: or, jane i mean.
DAVE: oh uh
DAVE: yeah vriska had to knock them out
JOHN: what??
JOHN: why?
DAVE: they were kickin up a ruckus
JOHN: can you wake them up?
JOHN: !!!
DAVE: yeah we cant
DAVE: some kind of brainwashing thing going on
DAVE: gotta keep em napping
DAVE: especially jade im sure you know what kind of crooked ass baloneyfuck powers she got
DAVE: cant let her turn those against us
JOHN: right.
DAVE: she should be pretty psyched to see you though
JOHN: you think?
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: um
DAVE: i dunno if you know this or not but
DAVE: apparently along the way our version of john died
DAVE: so she made the whole trip without you
JOHN: oh no!
DAVE: yeah this timeline was gearing up to be pretty tragic i guess but then you sorta deus exxed out of nowhere and spared us those sadtimes
DAVE: i mean from your point of view i guess it isnt deus ex shit you were just the normal john you always were all zipping around like a nerdy hypergod saving everything from whatever
DAVE: but from our standpoint you just kinda yanked yourself out of random ass nothing but hey you know what ill take it
JOHN: man.
JOHN: i had no idea.
JOHN: i guess that's what typheus meant?
JOHN: that's so sad...
JOHN: poor jade!
JOHN: i can't believe she had to spend all that time on the ship thinking i was dead...
JOHN: i mean, i guess i WAS dead. but...
JOHN: you know what i mean.
JOHN: are you sure we can't wake her up for a second, just so she can see i'm alright?
VRISKA: >::::|
DAVE: feel free but i have a feeling youll just be joining her nap if you try
JOHN: darn.
JOHN: i guess we'll have to catch up later.
JOHN: hey, what about dave sprite?
DAVE: dead
JOHN: noooo!
JOHN: that sucks too!
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: i guess so
JOHN: you guess??
DAVE: its a weird subject for me
DAVE: like
DAVE: the guy was always on borrowed time wasnt he
DAVE: i mean that was his whole "thing" right
JOHN: i dunno.
JOHN: i'll miss him anyway, even if he isn't the "real dave".
JOHN: i kinda feel bad for ever thinking of him as a less real version, actually.
DAVE: yeah hes me and exactly what i would be like if i was a moping existential bird so its kind of embarrassing to even talk about ok
DAVE: i guess it is """sad""" but you know a lot of versions of me have died
DAVE: lots of versions of all of us including you
DAVE: isnt whats important that certain dubiously categorized iterations of ourselves are all alive here and now and hanging out
JOHN: yeah, that is what's important!
JOHN: i guess there will be time to reflect on everything that was lost later, like dead time clones and double dead ghosts, or other such hogwash.
JOHN: right now i'm still so excited to see everybody.
JOHN: there's so much crazy stuff for us all to catch up on...
JOHN: i don't even know where to start, it's overwhelming!
DAVE: dont stress over it
DAVE: we still have some time to kill before shit starts getting real in this session
DAVE: at least according to our vriska in chief
JOHN: what do you mean?
DAVE: all the bad guys are still just outside the incipisphere
DAVE: they wont converge here until a few hours or so
DAVE: so lets all just sit back a while and shoot the shit
DAVE: and i do mean empty our clips into the shit, like really pump that turd full of lead
DAVE: right up until she gets bossy again and commandeers our fly brotimes with more shrill tactical exhortations
JOHN: ok, that sounds great!

> [A6A6I5] ====>