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DAVE: hey
DAVE: um
DAVE: the girl you came with
DAVE: roses mom
JOHN: roxy?
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: whats she like
JOHN: she's nice!!!
JOHN: really nice.
JOHN: she is fun and easy to talk to...
JOHN: it almost feels like she has always been one of our friends, you know?
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: how uh
DAVE: how long have you and she actually been traveling together
JOHN: umm...
JOHN: not too long.
JOHN: we only met like a day ago, i mean, from my perspective.
DAVE: huh
JOHN: she's been through some really difficult stuff recently.
JOHN: well, we both have, actually.
JOHN: but i feel like it was all... a bit more personal for her?
JOHN: being on her adventure, then suddenly losing all her friends, and watching rose die right there, while she'd been kinda viewing rose as a version of her mom...
JOHN: i was just some goofball drifting randomly here and there between realities, so i was mostly just confused by everything.
JOHN: but for her, i could tell it was all really devastating.
JOHN: i'm so happy she gets to be with rose again!!!!!!!!!!
JOHN: not to mention all her other friends!
JOHN: for some reason i feel happier for her getting to reunite with people she lost than i do for myself.
DAVE: it sounds like you like her
JOHN: i do!
DAVE: no i mean
DAVE: actually like her
JOHN: oh.
JOHN: ... uh, hm.
JOHN: i don't know.
JOHN: maybe.
DAVE: wow dude after one day maybe you should slow your roll
JOHN: i didn't say i did though!!!
DAVE: im joking its fine who cares
JOHN: oh, ok.
DAVE: shes my mom isnt she
JOHN: man.
JOHN: i'm not sure if we should keep thinking about all our relations that way.
DAVE: why
JOHN: it's kinda weird!
DAVE: is it
JOHN: ...
DAVE: do you feel weird about dating my mom is that it
JOHN: i'm not dating her though!
DAVE: but if you did
DAVE: then you wouldnt wanna think of her like that because of like the familial weirdtimes it invokes
JOHN: jeez.
JOHN: i don't know. i...
JOHN: i don't know if i'm ready for every single "deep" conversation we can squeeze into this wacky rapid fire session of fun pal-talk!
DAVE: ok
DAVE: but
DAVE: i think i like thinking of her as my mom
DAVE: even if its a lil weird
JOHN: you do?
JOHN: why?
DAVE: not sure
DAVE: i never even stopped and thought about it before
DAVE: the idea of what it would be like to have a mom
DAVE: instead of a hyper-aggressive lunatic of an adult male guardian
DAVE: i never let myself give it a second of consideration
DAVE: but now
DAVE: seeing her actually here even though shes just some teen girl i never met
DAVE: i like the idea
DAVE: its nice
JOHN: ...
JOHN: ok, that's actually kind of cute.
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: yeah i guess it kind of fucking is
JOHN: alright, well.
JOHN: no matter what happens, it's ok with me if you want to think of her that way. :)
DAVE: sweet

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