[A6A6I5] ====>

DAVE: hey am i interrupting anything
VRISKA: Hey, Dave. No, Arquius and I were just exchanging some notes 8efore I 8ring the meeting to order again.
DAVE: ok i just thought i would
DAVE: saunter over here
DAVE: things are getting pretty lalonde heavy over there
VRISKA: It really is an awful lot of fucking Lalondes, isn't it.
DAVE: two was ok or actually cool even but this
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: time to see whats up over here
DAVE: how is it going there broquiusprite
ARQUIUSPRITE: Nearly finished radically downgrading crocker here
ARQUIUSPRITE: I then plan on mourning the complete restoration of her woeful inferiority with a moment of silent, subtle fle%ing
DAVE: ok that was some weird stuff to say
DAVE: but cool
DAVE: soooo
DAVE: you are
DAVE: some sort of freak right
DAVE: ok good to know
DAVE: its like
DAVE: talking to someone who is half my bro...
DAVE: but then not even really?
DAVE: the bro half is half AI or something??
DAVE: so maybe one quarter bro
DAVE: but then maybe even less because like alt-universe considerations and also part sprite
ARQUIUSPRITE: I am notorious for being sensational at mathemati%, but I don't think I could break it down for you without lying about the precision of my figures
ARQUIUSPRITE: Which is a practice I am by no means above, mind you
DAVE: yeah the bottom line is i can tell youre just a really watered down version
DAVE: or maybe
DAVE: sweated down
DAVE: why the fuck are you so sweaty
ARQUIUSPRITE: I toweled off less than a minute ago
DAVE: oh god
ARQUIUSPRITE: Sir Dave, there's much we could talk about, en route to wa%ing HARD sentimental about our dubiously shared fraternal past
ARQUIUSPRITE: The fact that I will not shouldn't be mistaken for preoccupation with this delicate cybertask, which is trivial to me since my mind is a faultless silicon mesh of living algorithmic perfe%ion
ARQUIUSPRITE: Neighther should it be ascribed to the fact that my troll hemidentity finds the notion of a reunion with you to be boring as a fiddling fruit
ARQUIUSPRITE: It is manely that such a bonding e%perience strikes me as an endeavor falling outside my totally ripped and kicktuchus purview
ARQUIUSPRITE: Brothertimes with Real Dave would best be left to the custody of Real Dirk, not to mention someone who gives at least greater than half a stupid shoot about you
VRISKA: (Swoon.)
DAVE: you know
DAVE: im kinda glad you sound this insane and for the most part barely understandable
DAVE: it makes it extra obvious you arent my legit bro
DAVE: which means i can actually talk to you while only being like vaguely confused and unsettled instead of curling up into a ball and having some sort of social conniption
DAVE: speaking of which
DAVE: uh
DAVE: when is he supposed to get here btw
VRISKA: Relax, Dave.
VRISKA: He's scheduled to arrive around the same time as all the other 8ad guys.
VRISKA: You still have time.
VRISKA: I could have expedited his arrival, 8ut I knew that meeting him was going to 8e a 8ig deal for you, so I decided to let you have some space while we made some plans.
VRISKA: See? I'm always thinking a8out what's good for you guys, and what's 8est for the overall strategy.
VRISKA: Keeping everyone in high spirits is important!
DAVE: what do you mean
DAVE: 'expedited'
VRISKA: Never mind that.
VRISKA: Just chill out!
DAVE: alright
DAVE: so as long as im supposedly chillin and in no way wondering about my bro
DAVE: are you SURE there are no beverages in that fridge
DAVE: no aj or
ARQUIUSPRITE: It's a blind alley, brother dawg
ARQUIUSPRITE: I already asked if she had milk in there once, plus another nine redundant times after that
ARQUIUSPRITE: I also asked if she would like to touch my muscles
ARQUIUSPRITE: The answers were ten no's and one yes
ARQUIUSPRITE: That reminds me dave
ARQUIUSPRITE: Would you like to touch my muscles?
DAVE: maybe later
DAVE: so youre sure theres nothin to drink in there
VRISKA: Yes, Dave.
DAVE: dunno why im so insistent
DAVE: not like my fridge ever had anything comestible inside
DAVE: why the fuck did you even bring it
VRISKA: Don't worry about it.
DAVE: oh come on

DAVE: oh right
DAVE: somehow i forgot that we literally just established that you had gamzee locked in there for some reason
DAVE: you sure we shouldnt maybe
DAVE: let him out
DAVE: he could suffocate in there
DAVE: hes not a fuckin god tier
DAVE: hes faking it he just made that fuckin suit from scratch or something
DAVE: i know hes complete trash but maybe we should just let him out
DAVE: whats the harm its not like he can cause much trouble
DAVE: we all way outnumber him and have way more powers and shit

> [A6A6I5] ====>