[A6A6I5] ====>

ROXY: so.....
ROXY: wheres the condesce right now?
VRISKA: She's on Derse, preparing for the same critical convergence herself.
VRISKA: After our little prison raid caught her completely off guard, costing her some hostages and key points of leverage, we've essentially reached a temporary ceasefire 8y default while 8oth sides regroup.
VRISKA: This is not how she expected things would go.
VRISKA: We had the advantage of surprise that time, 8ut we won't 8e so lucky next time.
VRISKA: She's w8ting for the Jacks to get here just like we are.
VRISKA: Once they do, she'll instantly have the upper hand, and she knows this.
VRISKA: Her particular com8ination of a8ilities along with her supervillain-like cunning make her an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS part of this equation!
VRISKA: That's why we need a good strategy in place 8efore the shit hits the 8reeze 8lender.
DAVE: so in addition for waiting for way too many jacks to get here
DAVE: were also waiting for my bro too right
DAVE: who... gets here at the same time or...
VRISKA: Yes, the other Strider was 8anished to the periphery as well, and is in transit.
VRISKA: He'll arrive at the same time, give or take, and should 8e a gr8 tactical asset.
VRISKA: Sources tell me the dude is pretty good with a sword.
ARQUIUSPRITE: I'm the source
ARQUIUSPRITE: I told her that, and it's true
VRISKA: Yes, thank you Arquius.
KANAYA: This Is Starting To Sound A Bit Complicated
KANAYA: How Are We Supposed To Keep Track Of All These Villains And Heroes Coming And Going When And Where
VRISKA: You're right, Kanaya.
VRISKA: At this point in the meeting, I think we could use some diagrams to help with the 8attleplans.
VRISKA: Karkat?
VRISKA: If you wouldn't mind.

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