[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: That 8rings us to Ro8o Jack.
VRISKA: He's the Jack origin8ting from our session.
VRISKA: Remem8er him, Karkat?
VRISKA: We hatched a plan with him to take down the 8lack queen. Seems like so long ago, doesn't it?
VRISKA: Now apparently he's got some cy8ernetic upgrades?
VRISKA: Who the fuck knows how that happened, or for that matter, why or how he's on his way here now.
VRISKA: My mind 8oggles trying to even picture the amount of stupid shit he's 8een through 8etween now and when we knew him.
VRISKA: Put this on the ever lengthening list of gar8age that doesn't matter and no8ody cares a8out.
VRISKA: The fact is, we have no idea what his affili8tions are at this point, 8ut like I'm always saying...
VRISKA: 8est to just plan for the worst, and assume this is just another scru8 we've gotta kill.
VRISKA: He's the lowest on the threat level, though his various enhancements and accessories may pose more of a challenge than we 8argained for.
VRISKA: He's also traveling with a juju known for its high storage capacity, so he's possi8ly packing company.
VRISKA: May8e a LOT of company...
VRISKA: I won't get into that now though.
VRISKA: You're going to need to reserve a squad for dealing with this guy and whoever he's 8rought along for the ride.
VRISKA: It's a lesser priority, so I'd recommend an ensem8le of third-stringers.
VRISKA: No offense to whoever those 8rave souls may 8e!
VRISKA: Every lamewad has their place in an epic 8attle, and everyone's effort counts.
VRISKA: Eg8ert-looking kid, I'm looking at you.
VRISKA: Possi8ly you too, Tavros.
VRISKA: May8e.

> [A6A6I5] ====>