[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: See? Scatter window portals like these around the various 8attle sites.
ROXY: yo did you loot my house or something...
VRISKA: Please don't interrupt.
VRISKA: Transportalizers will work too, if you can get them all hooked up right.
VRISKA: This is definitely 8usywork, 8ut it's also really important. So we need someone competent in charge of this.
ROSESPRITE: I think I can handle that.
ROSESPRITE: I'm quite mobile in this new form.
ROSESPRITE: Also I think my abilities will help with forecasting the optimal network to lay out, along with helping Jane coordinate her routes during battle.
ROSESPRITE: Plus, I have to admit.
ROSESPRITE: I kind of relish the idea of being a "less relevant" party member.
ROSESPRITE: Particularly since I think it is inherently true now.
VRISKA: Ok, Rose... um. Rosesprite?
VRISKA: That's gr8. You can volunteer for that jo8 if you want.
VRISKA: 8ut let's not get ahead of ourselves!
VRISKA: We'll 8e divvying up the roles momentarily.
VRISKA: 8ut, cool. We have you down for that. Again, it's critical.
VRISKA: The whole party will need to defend Crocker's life at all costs.
VRISKA: She CAN'T get sucked into any com8at!!!
VRISKA: If she dies, you could all 8e fucked.
VRISKA: 8e sure to fill her in on the logistics whenever Arquius has finished deprogramming her.
VRISKA: Everyone got it?
VRISKA: Awesome.
VRISKA: Since that pretty thoroughly covers the full tactical situ8tion, we can move on to the real strategizing.
VRISKA: NOW we can assign com8at roles. ::::)

> [A6A6I5] ====>