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VRISKA: Alright, I've got two takers from the Lalonde camp.
VRISKA: We'll need more though. Who else?
JOHN: i'll go!
VRISKA: You sure, John?
JOHN: i think so.
JOHN: from what you said, it sounds like this is the most important battle.
JOHN: if we don't keep her busy, everything could get messed up.
JOHN: i think i'd be good at that! i can use all my windy powers for distractions and such.
VRISKA: Ok. You're with the Lalondes then.
VRISKA: Make it count!
KANAYA: I May As Well Go Too
KANAYA: It Would Be A Shame If The Party Defeating The Woman Who Terrorized Our Planet For Ages Had No Representation From Our Species
VRISKA: Shame or not, I'm afraid that won't work Kanaya.
VRISKA: You can't join their party. Well, not yet at least.
VRISKA: There's another critical role which you specifically need to play first.
VRISKA: We can't risk losing you in 8attle until it's complete.
KANAYA: What Is It
VRISKA: I'll explain l8ter! After the teams are set.

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