[A6A6I5] ====>

JOHN: what is it?
VRISKA: It's Earth!
VRISKA: Remem8er how three years ago you told Terezi we needed your wallet, 8ut you didn't have it?
VRISKA: Well in the time since, we talked a8out it a lot, and figured this was most likely the reason she told you to give it to us.
VRISKA: It wasn't a 8ig deal, actually.
VRISKA: We spent some time deciphering the code for your wallet. It took a little while, and a few lucky guesses on the code digits, 8ut we eventually got there.
VRISKA: Then I just used it to upgrade my much cooler 8 8all modus.
JOHN: you hacked my dad's wallet??
VRISKA: Sure. Like I said, we had some time on our hands.
VRISKA: It is after all just a fucking wallet. It's not like it's some legendary item he got on some mythical dad quest.
VRISKA: I mean, he did 8UY the thing somewhere, right?
JOHN: um. yeah, i guess so.
JOHN: i dunno.
JOHN: i still think it's a pretty special thing.
VRISKA: Sorry to 8e the 8earer of 8ad news. It is literally... just a wallet.
VRISKA: Anyway.
VRISKA: Then, 8efore I did the scouting work on this session, I rode the meteor through the g8, watched it crash on Earth, then just captchalogued the whole damn thing and got out of there.
VRISKA: No sweat!
VRISKA: Presuma8ly like Grim8ark Jade was supposed to, if she wasn't asleep.
VRISKA: Again, it was a pretty good plan, she just never saw me coming.
VRISKA: Sorry Condy, if you want your waterlogged little glo8e 8ack, you'll have to pry it from John's dead hands now.
JOHN: er.
JOHN: ...yeah.

> [A6A6I5] ====>