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JOHN: yes, i have one.
JOHN: vriska, what's YOUR part in all this, aside from making all these air tight plans?
JOHN: you've been making it sound like you won't be here when all this happens!
VRISKA: Of course I won't.
VRISKA: I'll 8e off doing something much more important than all this.
VRISKA: I'm traveling to the furthest ring to go kill Lord English.
JOHN: wow.
JOHN: isn't that going to be, uh...
JOHN: hard?
VRISKA: Of course it will 8e.
JOHN: are you sure you can even...
JOHN: DO that?
JOHN: like, by yourself, i mean.
VRISKA: John, I'm not an idiot. I won't 8e diving into this 8lindly.
VRISKA: See, somewhere out there in the incomprehensi8le causal-stew of the furthest ring, there was once a plan that was coming together to defeat him once and for all.
VRISKA: It involved a secret weapon, an army, and all sorts of other shenanigans.
JOHN: yeah, this...
JOHN: sounds weirdly familiar.
VRISKA: Oh, I'm sure it does.
VRISKA: 8ut the point is, along the way, that plan stalled out.
VRISKA: It went nowhere 8ecause the party involved disintegr8ted and lost their way.
VRISKA: So someone needs to light a fire under that shit again, and I don't see anyone else stepping forward.
JOHN: how are you going to do that?
VRISKA: Let me worry a8out that.
VRISKA: You have your hands full enough as it is.

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