[A6A6I5] ====>

CALLIOPE: a dead session is an impossible time challenge.
CALLIOPE: the planets detonate sooner and sooner, one by one. it is a trial designed to be unwinnable.
CALLIOPE: a muse of space could never solve it. but a lord of time could, with relentless perseverence.
CALLIOPE: it could only be him.
CALLIOPE: my brother?
CALLIOPE: i was never meant to rise to the place he holds because the game was rigged.
CALLIOPE: tilted in favor of his aspect.
CALLIOPE: having gained immortality, i could sit forever in a spent dead session.
CALLIOPE: or i could seek counsel with the mother of monsters.
CALLIOPE: and that is why you stand in my memory of her lair.

> [A6A6I5] ====>