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JASPROSESPRITE^2: You see Roxy? We all knew you could find her.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Especially me!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Not to boast but my faith in your ability to retrieve the cherub wasn't just some saccharine friendly nonsense, like it was for pretty much everyone else here.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: It was established in what is now a highly focused understanding of my aspect as well as these radically magnified feline instincts!! :3!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Yes good point, it's true that feline instincts in no empirical way contribute to one's prognosticative acuity, fair enough!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: But they really make it FEEL like my intuition has more credibility than it really deserves.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: And to the cat portion of my being, that is GOOD ENOUGH! Holy shit am I legitimately pleased with myself right now.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Is this her Roxy? :3 Of course this is her.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Hello you beautiful creature.

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