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JASPROSESPRITE^2: So it just occurred to me!!!
ROSE: Noooo. :(
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I saw the spare green sprite and it is like the little blinking light on those Ghostbuster traps reminding us all it is an empty vessel in need of a lost soul!
JOHN: what??
JOHN: wait, no, time out!
JOHN: ridiculous cat-rose, i have stood by silently agog at your shenanigans, but i can't let that flagrant piece of misinformation go by unchallenged!
JOHN: that's not how the ghost traps work.
JOHN: the light blinks AFTER they catch a ghost!
JOHN: yes.
JOHN: i just wanted to clear that up, before you carry on with more of your silly nonsense.
JOHN: anyway, please continue.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Thanks professor nerd I'm feeling a lot more knowledgeable about a fake thing now!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Now about that sprite.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Which one of you here was concerned with the resurrection of fallen friends?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: *Sniff, sniff.*
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Was it you?? It was you wasn't it. :3
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Regardless you're the only one left on this lilypad with any vested interest in whatever deceased member of that particular legume exhibit gets to rejoin us.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: And if my tally is correct, that's four torsos, but only one kernel!
ROSE: Vriska said that kernel was supposed to be for our potential resurrection purposes.
ROSE: And so was yours.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Vriska? Who's this now? Hmm no, can't says the name clinks a water bowl.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: In fact it sounds very suspiciously like the name of someone who probably scampered off leaving exactly this kind of moral dilemma to the those of us who stayed put!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: So who is it going to be, hm? :3
JASPROSESPRITE^2: A princely young wizard who wrought science through a wand?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Or a fishy young princess who never spoke once to Lalonde?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: What about "other guy", the one thought half-dead only?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Or the girl who likes ships! Cause they made her less lonely. ;3
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Meowsers what a mystery!!!

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