[A6A6I5] ====>

DIRK: I guess you all pretty much... showed up then.
DAVE: yeah pretty much
DIRK: Like, before I even got back.
DIRK: After the werewolf girl appeared and...
DIRK: Wait, what happened with that?
DAVE: its like
DAVE: a whole story man
DAVE: mostly involving vriska
DIRK: Vriska?
DAVE: if you knew her youd know thats all i had to say
DAVE: youd be like ohhhh its a vriska thing ok got it forget i asked
DAVE: she brought you here too actually
DAVE: then jumped her ass in that window to go do whatever crazy bullshit she thinks needs gettin done
DIRK: Oh, right.
DIRK: Her.
DIRK: Then...
DIRK: I guess...
DIRK: Stuff in this session is pretty much sorted out, finally?
DAVE: shrug
DAVE: maybe
DIRK: And we're about to do battle?
DAVE: seems like it
DIRK: Are we... ready for that?
DAVE: kind of
DAVE: karkat made some drawings so
DIRK: Are... YOU ready?
DAVE: i guess
DAVE: ive got like
DAVE: a sword and shit
DIRK: Cool.
DIRK: Me too.
DAVE: yeah i know
DAVE: mines not that good
DIRK: That's too bad.
DIRK: What type of sword?
DAVE: its welsh
DAVE: i mean
DAVE: possibly fake welsh im not that sure
DIRK: Hmm.
DIRK: Well, mine's good.
DAVE: i know
DIRK: It's... Japanese?
DAVE: for real?
DIRK: No. I don't know.
DIRK: Probably fake Japanese.
DAVE: fake japanese
DAVE: kinda like...
DAVE: how all anime probably takes place in some kind of fake japanese universe?
DIRK: Something like that.
DAVE: thats cool
DAVE: tough gettin a sword from a place like that
DIRK: Yeah.
DAVE: ...
DIRK: ...

> [A6A6I5] ====>