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JOHN: so, anyway, regardless of how you feel about yourself, or whatever thing a rude troll may have to say, i think you are very cute.
JOHN: even though you look a lot like your terrible brother, the fact that you are nice inside makes a huge difference!
JOHN: i think that when you're really a good person deep down instead of an evil jerk, the skull monster look becomes a lot more charming.
CALLIOPE: thank yoU.
CALLIOPE: met my brother?
JOHN: yeah!
JOHN: he's garbage.
JOHN: i'm really sorry you had to grow up with him.
CALLIOPE: me too.
JOHN: i roughed him up a bit though, so it's all good.
JOHN: ripped up his cape pretty good too.
CALLIOPE: he has a cape now?
JOHN: not anymore.
JOHN: hey look, there it is! heh, nice.
JOHN: the ring.
JOHN: i helped track it down through time for roxy, so she could give it to you.
JOHN: it's so cool to see that it works!
CALLIOPE: yes!!!
CALLIOPE: i feel so mUch more...
CALLIOPE: sUbstantial now.
JOHN: you must be a really good friend to her, for her to want to bring you back so much.
CALLIOPE: yes, she's as good a friend as i coUld ever hope for.
CALLIOPE: bUt then, since yoU helped, i sUppose i owe yoU jUst as mUch gratitUde, don't i?
JOHN: nah, not really.
JOHN: i had to save the ring anyway, and it just seemed like the right thing to do, giving it to her, since she was so worried about you.
JOHN: it should be a nice thing that is between her and you. i'm just a middle man. :)
CALLIOPE: heehee. ok. :u
JOHN: anyway, it's really nice to meet the person who finally gets to wear the highly touted ghost ring!
JOHN: it probably means you are pretty special, to end up with it.
JOHN: what do you think you will do with your life, now that you're alive and free from your jerky bro?
CALLIOPE: ooh, Uh... wow.
CALLIOPE: i hadn't thoUght aboUt it!
CALLIOPE: the idea is overwhelming, really.
JOHN: well, don't sweat it.
JOHN: you'll have a lot of time to figure it out.
JOHN: that's kind of the point of life, right? to take a lot of time floundering around, figuring stuff out.
JOHN: the answer will come to you eventually. you should just try to have fun!

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