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ROXY: (yoo troll grouch... john is so nice agh its fuckin me up)
JANE: Excuse me, Callie?
JANE: What happened after I woke up?
JANE: We were all following that mysterious path...
JANE: Did you and Jade discover where that led?
CALLIOPE: i met my other self.
ROXY: o so you found her then??
CALLIOPE: indeed.
CALLIOPE: or more likely, the timing in the fUrthest ring was right.
CALLIOPE: perhaps she sensed me in some way, and Untangled a path throUgh the darkness.
CALLIOPE: in other words, it feels more as thoUgh i was sUmmoned, rather than being the one to find her.
CALLIOPE: she seems tremendoUsly powerfUl.
CALLIOPE: she is also...
CALLIOPE: qUite frightening.
ROXY: frightening????
CALLIOPE: not that i think she is dangeroUs or has ill intent.
CALLIOPE: my impression was very mUch to the contrary.
CALLIOPE: still, while speaking to her...
CALLIOPE: i can't remember ever feeling so nervoUs.
CALLIOPE: not even my brother made me feel that way.
CALLIOPE: her demeanor was so severe and chilling, and so Unlike mine, i think.
JOHN: maybe that's why you felt weird?
JOHN: seeing a version of you that wasn't like you at all?
CALLIOPE: maybe.
ROSE: So what happened?
CALLIOPE: not mUch.
CALLIOPE: my presence there essentially freed her from that place, according to a pact she made with echidna.
CALLIOPE: she and jade then left. to do what, i do not know.
CALLIOPE: that is when roxy foUnd me. ^u^
ROSE: So, you were only there to release her?
ROSE: Are you sure there isn't something important for you to do, now that you're alive and with us?
CALLIOPE: i doUbt it.
CALLIOPE: for one thing, i have virtUally no UsefUl abilities. u_u
ROSE: I don't mean to badger you. I'm just wondering how you fit into all this.
ROSE: Getting to wear a one-of-a-kind ring, and returning to join a group about to wage a pivotal battle,
ROSE: That strikes me as the profile of someone meant to do something important.
ROSE: What do you think you'll do?
JOHN: maybe it doesn't have to work that way though?
JOHN: what if those are just some facts about her, which let her come back to life, but they don't have to mean anything other than that.
JOHN: like anything about having to do some huge fancy thing.
ROSE: I guess so.
ROSE: First Dave tells me human beings don't have "arcs", and now you're telling me the culmination of an epic doesn't require a messianic archetype to return from the dead, thereby providing the key to everyone's salvation?
ROSE: I wonder what sturdy and time-tested narrative construct Jade is going to debunk whenever she wakes up. Maybe she will lay waste to the notion of endgame ships?
ROSE: Karkat won't be happy about that.
JOHN: huh??
JOHN: ok, i don't know what stuff you're going on about there, but i just don't think she should feel like she has to do anything she doesn't want to.
CALLIOPE: i think the trUth is, i won't be doing mUch of anything.
CALLIOPE: my other self told me as mUch.
CALLIOPE: her advice was to jUst live, and...
CALLIOPE: exist as the version of Us for whom that is an actUal possibility.
CALLIOPE: she's the one who will be doing important things.
ROSE: How so?
CALLIOPE: she didn't say.
ROSE: Isn't that just how it always is with alt-selves.
ROSE: So cryptic.
ROXY: hey guys its been cool having yall meet callie and such but
ROXY: do you think she and i could have a moment alone?
ROXY: got some stuff i wanna talk about!

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