[A6A6I5] ====>

(VRISKA): So enough a8out stupid animals, whose presence have no rational explan8tion anyway.
(VRISKA): What do you want to do today?
MEENAH: today?
(VRISKA): Yeah!
MEENAH: there is no today
(VRISKA): You know what I mean!
(VRISKA): Within the am8iguous timeframe that would loosely correl8 with a single rot8tion of a planet.
(VRISKA): Any ideas?
(VRISKA): Come on!
(VRISKA): We can't just spend all our "days" hanging out in this idyllic, 8izarrely paletted cliffscape with all these stinking idiot quadrupeds.
(VRISKA): We should go exploring some more 8u88les!
MEENAH: we explored an awful lot already
MEENAH: aint they sorta all the same by now
(VRISKA): I mean, roughly speaking, yeah. They're all ar8itrary memory collages I guess.
(VRISKA): 8ut there's always something new to see every time.
(VRISKA): Whose ridiculous memory will we visit next????????
(VRISKA): Like, some nutty version of Kanaya who 8ecame a god tier in some totally ludicrous version of our session?
(VRISKA): Or may8e a version of John who never even played the game at all? May8e he went outside to look for the game, and his fatherly lusus 8acked over him with his car?
(VRISKA): Or what a8out your friends? They're always fun!
(VRISKA): Like Nepeta's ancestor... the deaf one? She's a riot! Plus she has a fascin8tingly dark history which her memories always seem to hint at.
(VRISKA): Or Eridan's douchier clone. I KNOW you have a gr8 time whenever you get the chance to own him.
(VRISKA): So what do you say?
MEENAH: i dunno
(VRISKA): 8ut you seem kinda 8ored! If you're 8ored, doesn't it make sense to get out and try to have fun?
MEENAH: not reely
(VRISKA): 8ut...
(VRISKA): Why?
MEENAH: cause it doesnt sound that fun
MEENAH: just sounds like the same shit as always
MEENAH: like
MEENAH: exactly like dreams
(VRISKA): Dreams?
MEENAH: they ARE dream bubbles after all
(VRISKA): Yeah.
(VRISKA): 8ut... I don't...
MEENAH: dreams are also like a crazy fantasy ride full of fake shit that makes no sense
MEENAH: its a great time in theory
MEENAH: and i guess when youre younger its fun
MEENAH: maybe you even look forward to sleepin
MEENAH: to see what the great mr sandclam has in store for you next
MEENAH: but after sweeps and sweeps of dreamin
MEENAH: you get used to it
MEENAH: its just the same bogus crap yer stupid brain is just shuffling up and serving you again and again
MEENAH: so you stop paying attention and just ride out your sleep
MEENAH: then get back to business in the real world like a legit person with cool plans
(VRISKA): Huh.
(VRISKA): I don't think I've had the same experience, honestly.
(VRISKA): Sounds like kind of a 8ummer, to look at dreaming that way.
(VRISKA): I always liked dreaming! I mean, unless they were awful dreams, which was... fairly often.
(VRISKA): 8ut I'd never say I really got 8ored of them.
MEENAH: yeah well
MEENAH: you are uh
MEENAH: a bit younger than me
(VRISKA): I am?
(VRISKA): Yeah, I guess so. I never thought a8out it!
MEENAH: then again
MEENAH: we fuschia ladies
MEENAH: we sorta have to get used to being around people younger than us over our full lives
MEENAH: like
MEENAH: much younger 38\
MEENAH: or at least id have to if i was actually alive
(VRISKA): I guess you're right a8out that too.
(VRISKA): That's pretty fucked up to think a8out, actually. That if you were alive, you'd have to deal with existing nearly forever.
(VRISKA): Almost as fucked up as the fact that you have to exist nearly forever while dead, too!
(VRISKA): Hey.
(VRISKA): Are you ok?
(VRISKA): You seem really down.
MEENAH: no im cool
(VRISKA): Are you sure?
MEENAH: maybe not
MEENAH: dont matter
(VRISKA): What's wrong?
MEENAH: nofin
(VRISKA): Argh!
(VRISKA): You know you can talk to me, right?
MEENAH: yeah
(VRISKA): So tell me!
MEENAH: i dunno whats wrong
MEENAH: id tell you if i knew
(VRISKA): Are you depressed?
MEENAH: shrug
(VRISKA): It sounds to me like you may 8e depressed a8out something.
(VRISKA): Or just... in general?
MEENAH: i dont knooooow
MEENAH: damn fishska
(VRISKA): Hey, it's ok to 8e depressed.
(VRISKA): I think just 8ecause you're dead, that doesn't necessarily let you off the hook from having psychological pro8lems.
(VRISKA): I'm pretty sure I proved that to myself on more than one occasion already. :::;)
MEENAH: yeaaah
(VRISKA): So talk to me! May8e I can help!
MEENAH: yergh
(VRISKA): What's the 8ig deal?
MEENAH: i dooont
(VRISKA): Sigh. Meenah...
MEENAH: wut??
MEENAH: im not good at
MEENAH: like
MEENAH: talkin
MEENAH: about me
(VRISKA): That's all you ever talk a8out!
MEENAH: no i mean
MEENAH: in a non aggrandizing way
VRISKA: *Cough.*

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