[A6A6I5] ====>

CALLIOPE: those are very inspiring things to hear, roxy.
CALLIOPE: i hope yoU are right.
CALLIOPE: bUt even so...
CALLIOPE: i think i woUld still like to be UsefUl.
ROXY: you can be!
ROXY: you can help me out
ROXY: i know you arent god tier or anything or probably never did much to get in touch with your aspect
ROXY: but maybe that doesnt matter
ROXY: u are space right?
CALLIOPE: a mUse of space.
ROXY: sounds cool!
CALLIOPE: it is cool, i think.
CALLIOPE: especially having seen what i coUld have been.
ROXY: no but that potential has to be inside you somewhere
ROXY: actually
ROXY: its one reason why i wanted u to be with me here for a while
ROXY: aside from catch up a bit :)
CALLIOPE: what do yoU need me to do?
ROXY: nothin really
ROXY: just be here with me...
ROXY: while i try this
ROXY: idk why but i feel like your presence will help
ROXY: and if nothing else i just like having u here
ROXY: makes me feel better about trying to focus on this weird lil chore
CALLIOPE: bUt yoU think my aspect is relevant?
ROXY: maybe
ROXY: i think space is related to this in some abstract way i cant put my finger on
ROXY: i gotta make this egg see?
ROXY: but it isnt really just an egg its this HELLA complicated egg in both its biological design and everything it represents for the future of an entire civilization
ROXY: and i dont have the genetic or chemical or molecular blueprints for it or anything
ROXY: i have to figure it out using... just thought
ROXY: like, ideas
ROXY: ideas that are really basic and live in this primordial sorta quasi-consciousness
ROXY: so i have to build the idea of this egg in some way before i do anything
ROXY: which means trying to grasp its reality and what it represents
ROXY: its like a funky little construct of biological propagation
ROXY: and i think that intersects with the nature of space
ROXY: at least as we have come to understand it
ROXY: the propagation of space is really just some profound cosmological feat of reproduction
ROXY: that is... a literally biological process right?
CALLIOPE: pretty mUch.
ROXY: so to make this egg
ROXY: as a rogue of void what im really doing here is something kind of insane
ROXY: you yourself told me once how id be able to do this crazy shit!
CALLIOPE: i did!
ROXY: ill be like... probing nothingness for an idea
ROXY: a pretty complicated idea in this case
ROXY: and
ROXY: pulling that idea from unreality
ROXY: so maybe if im right and a closer connection to the nature of space will help me locate that idea...
ROXY: almost like
ROXY: standing next to an antenna to boost the signal of that idea
ROXY: then maybe my chances will be better
ROXY: and hey
ROXY: even if not
ROXY: its just nice to have a friend nearby while u try to do something hard

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