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ROSE: My brand missed you too, John.
JOHN: your brand has good taste in friends, and kicks ass.
JOHN: hey, how do you think kanaya and karkat are doing?
ROSE: They're probably getting a stern earful of roiling monster patois right about now.
JOHN: do you think they'll be successful?
ROSE: ...
ROSE: At what?
JOHN: at...
JOHN: talking to a monster?
JOHN: i don't know.
ROSE: I think Karkat will successfully fail to understand the monster, and possibly also successfully shout at the monster.
ROSE: Kanaya I think will probably successfully do something sensible in response to whatever the monster demands.
JOHN: so...
JOHN: you think they're going to pull it off then?
ROSE: I'm still not sure what "it" is.
ROSE: But yes.
JOHN: well, the idea was to release the frog i think.
ROSE: You think so?
JOHN: that's what vriska said.
ROSE: Vriska says a lot of things.
ROSE: That's the basic idea, yes.
ROSE: But monsters can be complicated.
ROSE: Regardless, I think the right person was summoned to handle it.
JOHN: you really trust kanaya, don't you?
ROSE: Sure.
JOHN: not to change the subject too hard, into something maybe you don't want to talk about because of your brand...
JOHN: but i think you make a nice couple.
ROSE: You do?
JOHN: yes, i thought so last time i was hanging out with you both, in the screwed up time line.
JOHN: but didn't say anything then.
JOHN: i think it's still true!
JOHN: i'm glad it didn't change when i retconned some things.
ROSE: I am too.
JOHN: maybe that means it's a strong relationship?
JOHN: if it can survive... god.
JOHN: whatever the hell happened.
JOHN: a hard three year reboot, and then the sudden presence of vriska??
ROSE: When you put it that way,
ROSE: It really does sound like you were trying to fuck us up.
JOHN: haha.
TEREZI: (N3333333RDS)

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