[A6A6I5] ====>

DIRK: Maybe we should go over this again.
DIRK: Because, honestly, I'm still not sure I get it?
DAVE: what
DIRK: Who are we actually fighting again?
DIRK: Jack Noir?
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: well
DAVE: one version of noir
DAVE: theres a shitload of them though
DIRK: Which one is this?
DAVE: hes yours
DIRK: Ours?
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: the one from your session
DIRK: But,
DIRK: Our Jack spent months in prison.
DAVE: well i guess he broke out
DAVE: hes kind of like a huge fucking deal now
DIRK: When did this happen?
DAVE: i have no idea
DAVE: i wasnt here
DIRK: I guess neither was I.
DAVE: hes got lord english powers tho
DAVE: hes apparently like
DAVE: just
DAVE: wretched fucking news
DIRK: Damn.
DAVE: hes going to be hard to beat
DAVE: even armed with the ultimate weapon:
DAVE: some swords
DIRK: Sounds like some shit is going down.
DIRK: Let's not downplay our sword gambit, though.
DIRK: I have yet to encounter a problem where a sword didn't factor into the solution at least in some way.
DAVE: i bet
DIRK: Bear in mind... I haven't actually SOLVED many problems over the course of my life?
DIRK: But the ones I have, man.
DIRK: Swords proved hells of instrumental.
DAVE: what do you mean you didnt solve many problems
DAVE: didnt you like
DAVE: program robots and stuff
DIRK: I guess I meant real problems.
DIRK: Involving...
DIRK: People.
DAVE: oh
DAVE: those

> [A6A6I5] ====>