[A6A6I5] ====>

DAVE: sure
DIRK: It just seems,
DIRK: Like,
DIRK: Maybe you aren't that... into... this.
DIRK: Or at least,
DIRK: Not as much as I was.
DIRK: Whenever I imagined the possibility of us meeting.
DAVE: were you
DIRK: Yeah.
DIRK: I guess I'm not doing a very good job of showing it now.
DIRK: I think that's probably just what I'm like though.
DAVE: you dont say
DIRK: I mean, when it comes to people in general.
DIRK: But probably especially people who are an important part of my life.
DAVE: so
DAVE: you think im an important part of your life
DIRK: I...
DIRK: Yes?
DAVE: you dont actually know me though
DAVE: not this me
DAVE: and im pretty sure you didnt know the other guy either
DIRK: That's true.
DAVE: what is it about me thats important then
DIRK: I'm...
DIRK: Not sure how to answer.
DAVE: why
DIRK: Because I'm getting the sense that you might disapprove of whatever I might say.
DIRK: Maybe you'll think it's weird that I idolized some version of you that I never knew.
DAVE: idolized??
DIRK: See.
DIRK: It seems like you think it's weird.
DAVE: .........
DIRK: Uh. Yeah.
DIRK: I shouldn't have said anything.

> [A6A6I5] ====>