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ROXY: count me in! :D
KANAYA: As Of The Immediate Point In Time
KANAYA: I Dont Know What To Do Anymore
ROXY: hm??
KANAYA: Before You Came
KANAYA: I Was On My Way To Join You And Rose And John
KANAYA: Feeling Quite Sure I Was About To Get Ready To Fight
KANAYA: But Then You Gave Me This
KANAYA: And Now Im Unsure Of Everything To Which I Just Imminently Committed Myself
ROXY: how so
KANAYA: I Want To Help Us Win
KANAYA: But I Also Have A Lot Of Responsibility Now
KANAYA: In A Way That Is Much More Tangible And Also Spiky And Round And Sharp Than Just A Few Minutes Ago
KANAYA: And I Feel I Have To Consider Risk To Myself Is Now Also The Same As Risk To The Future Of My People
KANAYA: Does That Make Sense
ROXY: ooh i see
ROXY: yeah!
ROXY: it is like.....
ROXY: like say a mother wolf being all ready to stand up to some other asshole of nature
ROXY: like a nasty bear
ROXY: and shes ready to fight and all but also shes got to think about what happens to her pups if she gets hurt yeah?
KANAYA: Something Like That
KANAYA: Except Id Relate More To An Analogy That Didnt Involve Weird Alien Creatures
ROXY: oh sure
ROXY: just imagine instead of a wolf its like
ROXY: a mother uhhhh
ROXY: help me out here
KANAYA: Musclebeast
ROXY: a beautiful mother musclebeast
ROXY: and instead of a bear
ROXY: its um
ROXY: a metroid
KANAYA: Lets Say Good Enough
ROXY: damn straight
ROXY: be fuckin fight of the year right there
ROXY: but yes that concern is completely understandable
ROXY: you dont gotta fight if you dont want!
ROXY: but im sure we could really use the help
KANAYA: Would I Actually Be Of Much Use
ROXY: i think so!
ROXY: id look at it this way
ROXY: none of this next gen troll stuff is even going to matter if we dont win this fight
ROXY: so we have to prioritize beating all these goddamn villains
ROXY: specially the witch!
ROXY: any extra edge is going to help
ROXY: and tho i admit i dont know much about you i am feeling prrrettyyy confident in my assessment that u are probably some sort of sick deadly bitch
KANAYA: Who Told You My Secret
ROXY: i knews it ;)
ROXY: in fact i would BET
ROXY: that you could USE your concern for all ur future space pups to be WAY extra deadlier in this fray
ROXY: maybe youd make the whole difference??
ROXY: the point is we need you now just as much as anyone in the future will
ROXY: and we are ALL riskin stuff and ALL in this together and if youre with me and rose and john, dont worry we aint gonna let anything happen to you
ROXY: i promise!!!!!
ROXY: dang?
KANAYA: That Was Really Motivational And I Feel Very Inspired Now
ROXY: for real?!
KANAYA: A Little Corny But Definitely Genuine And Moving
KANAYA: And Now Im Suddenly Psyched Again To Go Dunk A Narcissistic Fish Woman Into A Sea Dumpster
KANAYA: Not To Project Myself As Someone Fickle Or Lightly Swayed On Big Decisions
KANAYA: Maybe It Was Just A Roughly Thirty Second Spell Of Cold Feet And I Just Snapped Out Of It I Dont Know
KANAYA: But You Really Do Seem To Have A Way With Motivational Words
KANAYA: You Must Be A Natural Leader
KANAYA: I Think Your Group Was Lucky To Have You
ROXY: me?? nuhhh
ROXY: im not naturally good at that at all
ROXY: i mostly just yelled at my friends cause they were such a gaggle of frustrating bozos
ROXY: i guess im just feeling way inspired by the fact everyone is here together and we are all about to try and do something huge and important
ROXY: ive also watched john in action a bit and he is VERY good at that stuff
ROXY: hes actually so good at being inspiring hes inspired me to try and be... more inspiring? that sounds dumb as hell but is true as shit
ROXY: i also love how hes got NO IDEA how good he is at leadery stuff, its
ROXY: it
ROXY: it is so inspirationally friggin adorable

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