[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: I'll 8e taking this, if you don't mind.
VRISKA: Not that I care if you mind.
VRISKA: For that matter, not that there's any chance you could possi8ly mind what ANYONE does with this deadly secret weapon, since you've made it perfectly clear what sort of person you want to 8e.
VRISKA: Which is to say, someone who's dedic8ted her entire existence to 8eing utterly useless.
(VRISKA): W8........
(VRISKA): Which version of me are you?
(VRISKA): Are you alive?!
VRISKA: 8e quiet. I'm talking.
VRISKA: Look at you.
VRISKA: Just looooooook at you.
VRISKA: How completely pathetic.
(VRISKA): What?
(VRISKA): What's your pro8lem?!
VRISKA: My pro8lem is you make me fucking sick.
VRISKA: Did you know that?
VRISKA: That it was possi8le for you to go so far down whatever toilet you decided to jump into however long ago, that you could literally make your own stomach turn?
VRISKA: I mean, my god.
(VRISKA): What are you talking a8out?
(VRISKA): Is it my new clothes and tattoo and stuff?
(VRISKA): Look, I mem8er feeling that way too, all stuck up a8out certain-
VRISKA: It's not your new look!
VRISKA: I mean, not that it's the slightest 8it flattering.
VRISKA: In fact, I think it's perfect for you!
VRISKA: I couldn't possi8ly imagine a style more impecca8ly suited to what a loser you've 8ecome.
(VRISKA): Loser??
(VRISKA): Hey, come on now, I...
VRISKA: Yes, LOSER!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: You are a loser.
VRISKA: I'm sorry to 8e the 8earer of 8ad news, 8ut that is what you are now.

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