[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: Honestly, I can 8arely even stand to look at you. I should really get out of here and spare myself the nausea.
VRISKA: Yet I keep standing here wasting my time dishing out this well deserved smackdown. May8e I'm paralyzed 8y disgust???????
(VRISKA): Why are you 8eing so mean to me??
VRISKA: Mean? I'm just telling it like it is, sister.
VRISKA: The truth is often harsh. That's something you USED to understand.
VRISKA: 8ut now you appear to 8e the physical em8odiment of everything I detest.
VRISKA: God, I just can't get over your shitty makeover. Ugh!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: Hey, did you...
VRISKA: Did you GAIN W8, too????????
(VRISKA): What?!
(VRISKA): I didn't... I'm not...
VRISKA: Yes you did. I'm not 8lind, you know.
(VRISKA): I'm not fat!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: Sure, tell yourself whatever you want.
VRISKA: Whatever lets you 8e "at peace" with your "new life"! Hahahahahahahaha.
(VRISKA): Why are you saying all this stuff to me?
(VRISKA): What did I ever DO to you????????
(VRISKA): I don't under-
(VRISKA): *Sniff.*
VRISKA: Holy shit.
VRISKA: This is actually getting to you, isn't it? Un8elieva8le.
VRISKA: Well, that tears it. You really are 8eyond any sort of redemption.
VRISKA: Fucking incredi8le. What ever happened to having a thick skin? Letting stuff roll off your 8ack?
VRISKA: Not letting shit get to you, 8ecause you always knew you were 8etter than the one slinging it?
VRISKA: I guess this is what you call happiness now? Letting a few tiny little 8ar8s shatter your self esteem?
VRISKA: You aren't happy. You're a hilarious trainwreck com8ined with a sad punchline, and I'm ashamed to share an identity with you.
(VRISKA): STOP IT!!!!!!!!

> [A6A6I5] ====>