[A6A6I5] ====>

(VRISKA): No, please, Meenah...
(VRISKA): You can't!
MEENAH: i just
MEENAH: i dunno if
MEENAH: this
MEENAH: this whole thing is...
MEENAH: (fuck!)
(VRISKA): Meenah, no...
MEENAH: im not like
MEENAH: AGR-E-EIN with her
MEENAH: on a lotta that stuff
MEENAH: i just
MEENAH: im bored 38(
(VRISKA): 8ut...
(VRISKA): I thought...
(VRISKA): You liked...?
MEENAH: i did
MEENAH: i mean i do
MEENAH: im just sick of sittin around
MEENAH: not being a part of anything
MEENAH: i want to see some action ya know?
MEENAH: wanna go kill a BAD GUY
(VRISKA): Ok! Yeah! I get that!
(VRISKA): Hey, me too! Look, see?
(VRISKA): I do too! Forget what I said, we can go fight him together!
(VRISKA): Just, not with her, ok? I couldn't handle that. It can just 8e you and me!
MEENAH: yeah seaaa
MEENAH: i dont
MEENAH: i dunno about that
MEENAH: the thing is
MEENAH: i think what im sayin here is
MEENAH: as great as its been
MEENAH: like R-E-ELY great
MEENAH: i think this has gotta...
MEENAH: be...
(VRISKA): It??

> [A6A6I5] ====>