[A6A6I5] ====>

(VRISKA): *Sniff...*
(VRISKA): Meenah, you have to stay!
(VRISKA): I don't know what I'll do if you're gone!
(VRISKA): I...
(VRISKA): I don't have anyone else out here.
(VRISKA): I'll 8e all alone in this fucked up place.
(VRISKA): I never told you this, 8ut... it's terrifying here.
(VRISKA): It's terrifying 8eing dead, and having to live through memories forever, and dealing with the fact that nothing really means anything.
(VRISKA): It's infinite, and dark, and it's all 8eing ripped apart...
(VRISKA): And you're the only one who ever made me feel good a8out 8eing here.
(VRISKA): You're the only one who made me feel good a8out 8eing ANYWHERE.
(VRISKA): Please, don't...
(VRISKA): Meenah.
(VRISKA): *So8!*
MEENAH: euurrrgh
MEENAH: vriska
MEENAH: dam!!!
MEENAH: why...
MEENAH: whys this shit so hard?
MEENAH: not even lyin this is like the hardest shit i ever did
MEENAH: i cant even fully explain
MEENAH: its just how i think its grotto be
(VRISKA): 8ut it doesn't!
(VRISKA): You don't have to do this!
MEENAH: yeah
MEENAH: i think
MEENAH: on that point
MEENAH: we just gonna have to algae to disalgae
(VRISKA): ...
(VRISKA): I cannot...
(VRISKA): You are doing the fish pun thing while you're 8r8king up with me.
MEENAH: sorry serk
MEENAH: tis the way of my peeps

> [A6A6I5] ====>