[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: Hey. Anyone there?
JAKE: Yes im here.
JAKE: Whos this?
VRISKA: Hi! Is this Joke I'm speaking to?
JAKE: Yes.
VRISKA: Hi Joke, nice to hear from you again.
VRISKA: This is Vriska.
JAKE: Who?
VRISKA: God damn it. Never mind who.
VRISKA: The really attractive and outspoken girl you just saw jump into a window a little while ago. Remem8er?
JAKE: Oh yeah.
JAKE: Haha hello again. What can i do for you?
VRISKA: Glad you asked, 8uddy. You know, for a mostly inconsequential wimp, you're very polite and have a gr8 attitude!
JAKE: Thanks. I try my best.
VRISKA: Is Tavros there?
JAKE: Yes.
JAKE: Hes sneezing a lot though. Probably due to the recently surging number of cat people in the vicinity?
JAKE: Would you like to speak to him?
VRISKA: God no. That would just waste time on a lot of his pointless hemming and hawing.
VRISKA: My 8usiness here is really simple. I just need to close one more significant loophole 8efore you all start fighting.
VRISKA: This is the final remaining task I had reserved for Tavros. He doesn't know what it is yet though.
VRISKA: So I'll need your help, Joke.
JAKE: Sure.
JAKE: What do you need?
VRISKA: I need you to reach into your pocket.
JAKE: My pocket?
JAKE: I...
JAKE: Dont think i have pockets?
JAKE: Im just wearing a snug pair of underpants.
VRISKA: No, your hoodie pocket!
JAKE: Shit these things have pockets???

> [A6A6I5] ====>