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VRISKA: You still there?
JAKE: Yeah.
JAKE: What happened??
VRISKA: I had to neutralize another wildcard threat in that session.
VRISKA: Who the fuck knows WHAT that first guardian cat would have done during your 8attle.
VRISKA: Or for that matter, to what extent it's still in the service of the Condesce.
VRISKA: Cats are pretty mysterious, after all.
VRISKA: I needed to take it out of the picture.
VRISKA: The 8est way to do that was sweep it up into the 8ody of a person who's much more managea8le, and mentally suggesti8le.
VRISKA: Tavros can ride out this whole 8attle while sleeping peacefully now, which frankly, is 8etter for him, and a LOT 8etter for all of you now that you don't have to worry a8out another 8rainless omnipotent critter scurrying around, wreaking havoc.
VRISKA: You just have to make sure he doesn't wake up until the action is over!
VRISKA: Same rules apply to him that apply to Jade.
JAKE: So...
JAKE: Hes like that permanently now right?
VRISKA: That's how prototyping works. I made sure he was never dou8le-prototyped over the course of the session for this exact reason.
VRISKA: Sometimes it takes a little patience and long range planning to make sure all the loose ends are tied up.
JAKE: But.
JAKE: Doesnt this mean hes now allergic to himself?
VRISKA: Is he??
VRISKA: I dunno, man.
VRISKA: I never really knew how 8ad his allergies were?
VRISKA: You know what, whatever. When this is all over, I guess he'll have to deal with a little sneezing now and then, 8ut he'll ALSO have a 8unch of totally sick godlike powers.
VRISKA: So that's pretty cool, right??
VRISKA: Look kid, you're a little new to the extended scene of everything going on here, 8ut there's kind of 8een a long history of people under-appreci8ting how much shit I do for this guy that looks kinda 8ad 8ut is actually in his 8est interest.
VRISKA: He'll wake up, acclim8 to his new existence, and when the time comes I'm sure he'll 8e thanking me l8ter.
JAKE: I see.
JAKE: Hmm yeah when you put it that way...
JAKE: I guess youre right.
JAKE: Maybe old tavvys actually pretty lucky to have a friend like you.
VRISKA: There you go!
VRISKA: See Joke? You're a lot smarter than people give you credit for.

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