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VRISKA: It's not a huge deal. We've got plenty of time to come up with something.
VRISKA: There's no rule that says we even NEED an army. We just need a way of deploying the weapon that will maximize the pro8a8ility it'll actually work.
MEENAH: true
VRISKA: We'll figure it out!
MEENAH: do you even
MEENAH: know what that weapon does yet or...
VRISKA: Not specifically.
VRISKA: We only know that it's some sort of juju that will activ8 when it gets near him.
VRISKA: We won't have to do anything at that point, theoretically. The weapon should just take over.
VRISKA: All we have to go on is a 8unch of vague stories we heard along the way through dream 8u88les.
VRISKA: Some presume it's something o8vious like sort of charm that releases an extremely powerful attack.
VRISKA: Other sources allude to a more specific consequence.
VRISKA: That the weapon actually contains the souls of some incredi8ly powerful warriors of legend who came close to 8eating him once, so he trapped them inside the charm and 8anished it into the void.
VRISKA: And if that's the case, then... I guess the weapon just releases them so they can finish the jo8?
VRISKA: Guess we'll find out!
VRISKA: Should 8e exciting.
VRISKA: Still, it's way too risky to try springing it on him without cre8ting a major distraction first.
VRISKA: Really, the ghost army idea sounded like the perfect approach. No wonder that was the original plan.
VRISKA: Who's idea was that, anyway?
MEENAH: yours
VRISKA: Yeah, I figured as much.
VRISKA: There's GOT to 8e another way to get that off the ground again.
VRISKA: I guess we don't have my ancestor's advanced a8ilities anymore, 8ut at least we have mine to work with, right?
MEENAH: if you say so
VRISKA: So 8etween my mind control powers, and your...
VRISKA: Your, um...
VRISKA: What was it you do again?
MEENAH: i make fuckin m$ney bitch
VRISKA: I see.
VRISKA: Sorry for dou8ting you, Meenah. That's, um...
VRISKA: I'm sure that'll come in real handy.
MEENAH: i saw you roll them eyes serk
MEENAH: you aint a ghost you cant get away with that shit
VRISKA: The hell........

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