[A6A6I5] ====>

MEENAH: listen up buoys and gulls
MEENAH: i aint much for inspirational sbeaches
MEENAH: but here goes one anemoneway so whatever and listen the fuck up
MEENAH: your friendly sandle packing pooplord just flipped the keys to this bitch over to me
MEENAH: so as all yalls former heiress and current empress i hereby officially decree
MEENAH: im the boss now
MEENAH: you gotta do what i say
MEENAH: follow my orders to the letter not just cause all our ghosts are at stake and existence itself depends on it
MEENAH: but because im tha bomb
MEENAH: and all the shit i say is cool and right
MEENAH: mosta you got some good fightin skill or some powers or some shit
MEENAH: god tier ghosts im lookin at you
MEENAH: i dunno what you can all do in them peejays but whatever it is you better fuckin bring it
MEENAH: the rest of you without powers or even like
MEENAH: modest combat ability?
MEENAH: just
MEENAH: iunno
MEENAH: throw your damn torso at the guy
MEENAH: fa real every individual flailing and screaming body is gonna count for somefin in this god damn mess
MEENAH: sea we got a weapon
MEENAH: a nasty one some legend says
MEENAH: dont ask me to quote the legend cause i dont read up on no damn legends people just tell me this shit alright?
MEENAH: but the idea is you all set him up
MEENAH: then we knock him down
MEENAH: i trust that i dont gotta say who we up against here
MEENAH: you know the guy
MEENAH: the hulk ass pimp devil whos been shredding all our black space
MEENAH: poppin up our bubbles
MEENAH: murderin innocent space octopi
MEENAH: double killing our ghosts which to be fair there were way too many of in the first place but lets not dwell much on that dumb fact
MEENAH: its lord muscle guy
MEENAH: a huge like
MEENAH: professional wrestler with suspenders and the head of a skeleton
MEENAH: the fuckin time boss who wiped out troll kind one way or anotter
MEENAH: i think hes after his sis but shes on record as not mattering so who cares
MEENAH: he will never stop til he finds her
MEENAH: so we have to stop him
MEENAH: to save space and reality and an infinity trillion cosmic frogs or some absurd stuff long those lines
MEENAH: but we have to stop him most importantly because
MEENAH: its just a badass thing to do
MEENAH: and i PROMIS-E you
MEENAH: as your supreme ruler for afterlife
MEENAH: that this will be a baller use of our time
MEENAH: and beats the shit out of being bored and doing nothing forever
MEENAH: so i ask of you
MEENAH: as humbly as i can while taking into consideration im the best one here by proximately 20K leagues or so
MEENAH: whos with me?
MEENAH: the answer is
MEENAH: all of you
MEENAH: you all are
MEENAH: because i command it
MEENAH: but it school i know you can do it
MEENAH: because i believe in every last one a you
MEENAH: and also
MEENAH: you have to
MEENAH: because if you dont
MEENAH: ill feed you to lord kingfish myshellf

> [A6A6I5] ====>