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JASPROSESPRITE^2: Anyway, enough of that horseshit. Back to our date!!!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: That is, if you are ok with calling it a date! Are you ok with this being a date? I mean like a romantic one??
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i... y-
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < yes?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i mean, sure! :33
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but i still dont... actually know you that well?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < at least not the rose part of you.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but i suppose maybe that is the point of a date... to get to know the other person a bit better?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Yes! Yes Nepeta, exactly! That is exactly the point of a date! :3
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < h33h33, okay then!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < uh hmmmm so what do we talk about?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Anything you would like, beautiful. ;3
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < j33z
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < rose
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i mean
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < rose cat...
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < jasprose i...
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < h33h33h33
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < youre making me blush!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < my head probably looks like a big old olive here
JASPROSESPRITE^2: It's quite a lovely color. :3:3:3
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i dont...
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < ahhhh!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Is something wrong?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < no i just
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < sorry
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < ive never really had anybody like me before!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < im not sure how to handle it
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I find this very hard to believe.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Nobody? Are you sure??
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < pretty sure!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: What a reprehensible injustice. Had your colleagues no taste???
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < well ok i guess eridan hit on me a few times
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but his advances always struck me as cr33py and insincere
JASPROSESPRITE^2: A pox on the name of this charlatan. I hiss on his grave.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < hes dead?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < gosh
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i mean... he could be kind of a jerk sometimes but that is still a shame :((
JASPROSESPRITE^2: No it isn't. It's fine. Please! Continue!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < huh?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: You were saying? About being liked!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < oh right
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < um i am just
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < still somewhat confused?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < im not sure why you like me
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < not that im not flattered!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but you dont really know much about me
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < or...
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < do you?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: No, not really.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I just know that you are very pretty, and from my limited interaction with you as a cat, that you are personable and kind.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I don't need to know much else about you to like you. I am a catgirl of simple tastes. :3
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < haha
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i guess i cant argue with that!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < for what its worth you s33m very nice and pretty as well
JASPROSESPRITE^2: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: (Jake, did you hear that?!)
JASPROSESPRITE^2: (She likes me too! This is almost too good to be true.)
JAKE: I think you should both kiss!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Please, mind your manners.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I mean, not that that isn't an EXCELLENT idea.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: But all things in due time. There is a PROCESS to this courtship business.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Much how one doesn't just LIE DOWN for a nap. The bedding must be ritualistically kneaded and massaged before lowering oneself in a circular fashion for a prime snoozing position.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < oh my goodness what a beautsnifful analogy :'33
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Besides, she has only been prototyped once.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I believe unprototyped or once-prototyped kernels can weather brief or incidental contact, the same way you can investigate the flame of a candle without burning your nose as long as you are quick enough.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: But the sort of contact we are talking about here would be ANYTHING but incidental. ;3 ;3 ;3
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < you are making me blush again with all this kissing talk!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < how can you be so forward about those things?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i have never met anyone who was so brazen and confident about liking somebody
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < how do you do it???
JASPROSESPRITE^2: There isn't much too it.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I used to be quite guarded about my feelings as a girl.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: But cats do not have complicated thoughts about what should be expressed and when.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: What to convey about your current state of mind is everything. When to do it is now.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < dont get me wrong jasprose i have a great affinity for all things feline in nature
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but its never b33n that simple for me!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i get so shy and worried what people might think of me if i say how i f33l
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < im always so scared that they wont f33l the same way or just think im stupid or pathetic or something
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Was there someone you had feelings for you couldn't talk to about?
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < ummmm
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < yeah
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < ummmmmmmm
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i dunno im embarrassed to say!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: You can tell me Nepeta! Please tell me your secret will be safe, I promise!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < well
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < as long as you can really k33p a sneakret!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: My muzzle is sealed.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < it was karkat
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but i never told him and im pretty sure he never found out how i felt!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: I'll let you in on a little sneakret too. You dodged a vigorous spritzing with a spray bottle there.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: He wouldn't be any good for you. Oh no no.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < why?
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Too many anger issues. Always with the shouting and whatnot. He's way too volatile!
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < but... i liked that about him!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Oh, but that isn't even all there is to it!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: On our journey he was so obsessive and controlling toward his desired matesprit. I do not believe that is any way to treat a lady!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: On the contrary Nepeta. You deserve someone who will RESPECT and ADORE you.
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < well... yes
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i always hoped to find someone like that some day
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < i dunno maybe youre right but in spite of whatever problems he might have i always felt like i saw something in him that made me think he could be that purrson!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Nope. Sorry to be the meower of bad news. He is just not cut out for you!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Besides, he is involved with someone else now in that quadrant. He has moved on. And so have you!
JASPROSESPRITE^2: You are now a sprite. Neither of us have the same connection to the living we once had.
JASPROSESPRITE^2: In quite a real sense, it is fair to say that all we have now...
JASPROSESPRITE^2: Is each other. :3
NEPETASPRITE: :33 < er...
DAVESPRITE: hey whats up

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